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Happiness Lessons

 Listening to the today programme on radio 4 this morning I heard a story about how we should test  kids in PE to make sure they are getting fitter. And I thought, well, hey, why not teach them about what makes people happy - and then test how happy they are - and then see if we can make them happier.

Which is either crazy, or a brilliant idea which will happen pretty soon! Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

What Happens if Governments Don't Take Happiness Seriously

I saw this news story on the BBC News site the other day: 


Mary Portas (a retail expert) is concerned that the domination of supermarkets is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life - "Portas said she believed communities were being sacrificed for convenience." 

Monkey World

1168175_monkey.jpgVery often in life I am disappointed by the way some of my fellow humans behave. People can be very nasty, devious, scheming etc and I always feel like they are letting down the species. However, I am reminded of something comedian Rob Brydon said "Now, with any moral dilemma I always ask myself, 'What would Rod Stewart do?'". Well actually, it's not that similar, but it's a bit similar.. I have started to imagine that the bad behaviour is being done by monkeys - and miraculously it doesn't seem so bad.

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