Can We Have a Mature Response to Happiness?

 I've just been watching Question Time, and the general public seem to be hostile to the idea that the government should be concerned about their happiness. "What a waste of money" seemed to be the general feeling. 

But then this is just the very first phase of the process - and to be fair, the measurement of happiness alone will not make anybody happier. The real story is the idea that if governments make people happier they will solve many of their current problems. Happy people don't abuse drugs and alcohol ion quite the same way that miserable people do. Happy people don't binge eat to suppress their depression, becoming obese and a drain on the NHS. Happy people aren't quite so as inclined to stab one another as their depressed counterparts.

The government however will find themselves stuck with an index that they have to try an manipulate. The biggest bang per buck may be the clinically depressed. If we can get them back up to just 'dour' then that might swing the index up a point. Which means investment in mental health, counselling and mental illness prevention. Public health measures for the Happy Generation.

Interesting times may be ahead. Or the government might try snd bury this when they discover the implications of the data. 

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