Getting fresh air and exercise is fundamental to feeling happy - it turns out your mum was right all along!! The best kind of exercise is something you can do outside, that way you can boost your light levels which helps serotonin at the same time as boosting your endorphin levels. As a kid I was written off by P.E. teachers as having no aptitude or ability, I was made to feel like I shouldn't bother with sport and so I didn't. Later in life I took yoga classes and found that with a bit of effort you can change your body and make it feel better. And anyone can do this, you don't need special equipment of a specially flexible body, the exercises themselves make you more flexible. links: British Wheel of Yoga http://www.bwy.org.uk/ A brilliant yoga book Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life

Go for a walk

Why not go for a nice walk? Walking releases endorphins which make you feel good, it also gets you out into the daylight - which helps with the production of serotonin and malatonin, which helps you sleep at night. You get a bit of cardio-vascular exrecise and a change of scenery. If you live near a park or some countryside then you might be able to get see a view or some water - both of which make us feel better. Apparently as human monkeys if we see water (like a pond or a stream) and other animals around us it re-assures us that this place is habitable. If there are rabbits and birds here then it will be a good place for us to live too! We also like to be in a place where we can see a long way because then we can see danger coming a long way off. So I guess that's why my parents were always saying 'look at that lovely view' on family outings, to which the kids always reply - 'it's boring'.

Take up running

If you are feeling very energetic, why not start running? My brother has run marathons and he was very fond of sitting on the sofa! Lena has just started training for a 10k race - and I'm training with her. So far, I'm enjoying it but it's early days yet. If you are seriously unfit always check with your doctor before doing anything too strenuous - and don't push yourself too hard. The good thing about running is you don't need a lot of stuff, just a pair of running shoes - and it is important to get good shoes, fifty quid should cover it. Here is a running plan to get you started: Bupa Beginner's 5km fun run: 8-week training programme

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