Pension Strikes Aren't Making us Happy

 It's heart warming to see so many people getting out and about and doing something to change the world. Unfortunately, I can't help feeling that they are campaigning for the wrong thing!

The unions are fighting for the rights of their members, which is an entirely right and proper way for unions to behave and is in fact all that unions can do. At the heart of this whole argument is the difference between public and private pensions, private sector workers find it hard to support public sector workers getting pensions that they can only dream of. So right from the start, half the country is against the other half.

Shouldn't the unions should be campaigning for better pensions for everybody? This could be managed through the state pension with contributions coming from general taxation. It would mean a secure old age for everybody, not just one half of society. Instead of splitting the country, couldn't we all unite behind this idea?

Many people now are fearfully looking forward to a miserable uncertain old age, the prospect of a financially secure retirement would definitely help to raise our general levels of happiness.  

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