What can I do?

What can you do to make yourself happy - and make everybody happy?

First things first, if you are depressed then you should seek help - your local GP is often the best place to start. Modern medication and talking therapies are very effective and lots of people respond well. If things are serious you need to get some serious help.

If you are not depressed but just fed up then here is a brief list of things to get you started, there is a whole heap of information out there on the web and in books about how to get happy, there a lot of simple things that you can do which are easy and fun and will make a difference to your life. Being happy would be even easier in a world where everybody else was happy - so lets campaign for a happier world too!

Make yourself happy

Make everybody happy

Governments should have the happiness of the people as a major objective. Access to information about happiness and the tools needed to achieve it should be available to all. We can measure the happiness of the population and see what measures make a difference

Above all do SOMETHING! Depression and gloom love it when you sit around and tell yourself that nothing can be done. Get up and move and you stab them in the eye. If you are feeling really down try tidying and cleaning, it's simple to do and you can see straight away when you have made progress. When I get really low I clean the kitchen, it gets my blood flowing, gives me a sense of purpose and achievement - and when I've finished I've got a clean kitchen!

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