Action For Happiness

action-for-happiness.jpgI've just been looking through a great site - - doing all the things that we should have been doing here but haven't had the time or resources.

I heard about the site on Radio 4's Today programme with John Humphreys giving them a slightly hard time and it made me think that we are in the very early days of the debate about happiness and society. Hummphreys was saying things like "Well, maybe they are happier in South America because it's sunny!", which might be funny, but it's sort of missin ght point. It reminds me of converstaion about socialism with my dad were he would say things like "They can share all the money out if they want as long as they don't try and share my bit...". It's just missing the point.

The problem is that explaining the whole concept of "happiness" is difficult to do in 20 seconds, which is as much of a chance as many people will give it.

So anyway, I would really strongly encourage anybody reading this to go along to and sign up.

We are all better off if the people around us are happier.

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