We can't all be billionaires - but we can all be happy

 The banking crisis was caused by people using the money trick - see the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressel - to funnel cash from the poor to the rich. They pushed all the money into dividends and bonuses before busting the banks and demanding government bail-outs.

They mistakenly believe that huge wealth can somehow make them special cases and immune from unhappiness. Money can do so much for them, surely it can do thisd too. Sadly for all of us, they find that they are wrong too late to fix the damage they have caused.

If we are to fix the system, we have to persuade the people in control that happiness is more important than vast wealth. We can all be comfortable and happy, but we can't all be super-rich - and the super rich need more than just money to make them happy.


We better get busy building that pyramid and we'll all be happy. Hey where's the middle class when you need them?

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