Fake Chicken rice and peas

I make this with frozen vegetarian chicken pieces, but I guess you could use bits of real chicken - make sure it's free range though and make sure it's cooked!

ingredients: (serves 2)

one onion
some chicken pieces
half a courgette
a spoonful of flour
stock powder
half a glass of white wine (add a bit more stock if you want to leave this out)

160 g white basmati rice


Put some oil in a deep frying pan or a big saucepan. Chop the onion quite small and put it in the pan with the chicken pieces. Fry them until it all starts to go a bit golden.

Meanwhile, chop the courgette into 1 cm discs, stack them about 4 high and slice downwards to make them into quarters. Put the courgette chunks in with the chicken. Add a knob of butter.

Put a pan of water on for the rice.

Now you can add the flour, I generally get a good heaped tespoon of flour and out it into a tea strainer, I then dust it onto the mixture very lightly, stir that in and keep on doing that until it's all in the pan. fry that for a minute or so over a low heat and then start adding milk. Pour in a glug of milk and stir it in, add another glug and stir that in. It's a bit of a learning process but you want to add enough milk to make it go runny, a bit less than half a pint - then when you bring it back to the boil it should thicken up. If it doesn't you can always add in some more flour. If it gets too thick you can add a bit of milk - or water.

Once that's all looking like a sauce, add in a big pour of peas. About 2 or 3 handfuls. Bring it back to a nice gentle simmer.

The water should be boiling now for your rice. Add a pinch of salt and 160g of basmati rice. Give it a gentle stir and bring it back to a simmer. Once it's simmering, give it another gentle stir to make sure it hasn't all stuck together and then just leave it for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes simmering it should all be ready. Put the rice in a nest and spoon the chicken mix into the middle.

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