Barack Obama, Make Me Happy!

Obama has several large problems looming: financial crisis, the environment and global terrorism. What he really needs to do is to make everybody happy! The west has tried to shop itself into happiness and what we have discovered is that this doesn't work - even with the massive amounts of credit that we've had over the past decades. The end result is that we are still unhappy - and now we are also broke. What America needs to learn is that you can be happy without being super rich, shopping sprees don't make long term happiness - gardening is a much better bet! (or reading or rock climbing or boxing or origami or jigsaws or knitting circles or....) There isn't enough money to make everybody rich, but there is enough stuff to make everybody happy - we just need to manage our resources better. If we do move figuratively from shopping to gardening, then we stand a chance of slowing down the environmental damage that our drunken spending spree has been causing. Consumption is the root cause of global warming, and conspicuous consumption is the corner stone of the celebrity "Hello" magazine throwaway culture. It's not about making people give up their lip gloss, it's about showing them a better way to find happiness. Global terrorism is a bit more tricky, but I reckon they all just want to be happy too. Dissafected youth are prime candidates for radicalisation. Make 'em happy and the terrorists will run out of recruits!

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