Dog Happiness

_45242539_226artist.jpgJust read a report about a luxury home for dogs: and it made me think about what really makes dogs happy - and that's a loving companion and a nice walk. Dogs are never happier than when they are about to go out for a walk. So this luxury kennel is a bit of a waste of time, the dogs won't enjoy the luxury spa any more than jumping in a stream - probably quite abit less in fact because it won't smell as interesting. Basically, this is a great analogy for the luxury we are all striving for for ourselves. It won't make us any happier than jumping in a muddy puddle! If you provide animals (including humans) with what they need they will be happy, give them far more than they could possibly want and it won't make them one single smile happier. And you could take the £250,000 wasted on dog luxury and do something worthwhile with it, like providing muddy puddles for dogs who don't have access to puddles.

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