The war against the narcissists

Narcissism has become a serious problem. Donald Trump isn't a problem because of what he does so much as what he is, which is a sociopathic narcissist. He has no moral compass, he lies as a first resort and he will force his opponents to fight battles again and again.

Narcissism is endangering the human race, climate change, the bees, the inevitable war looming on the horizon. Narcissism drives him on despite the evidence. And as chief narcissist he gives power to all the lesser narcissists in the world, the politicians, journalists and businessmen who now see that this is their time a these are there tactics. It must be OK because, well, look, he's the president. They poison every aspect of our society and make life impossible for others.

Narcissism has been a growing trend since the fifties but the internet has accelerated the process. Trump is the icing on the cake.

We need to round then up and put them in camps and then force them to undergo treatment. Narcissism is highly contagious. If they can't be cured they must be isolated from the rest of the population.

We should also impose an immediate travel ban on narcissists entering the country. This is not a joke. I am deadly serious about this, we need to organize and take them down before they bring the world to its knees.

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