A happy world

We'd all like to live in a world where most of the people are happy most of the time. It would be a nice world, full of cheerful optimism and generous spirits. I know it sounds like a utopian dream but just try and imagine for a moment what the world would be like if all of the unhelpful negative people you met in your daily life were optimistic, friendly and helpful... Ah, I can almost hear the birds singing! The fundamental problem is that as a society our goals have got skewed away from happiness and turned to wards competition and wealth. Now, there's nothing wrong with living a comfortable life, but once you have enough stuff, having more stuff doesn't make you happier, it just fills up your cupboards. When people find that the extra stuff isn't making them happy they just think that it's because they haven't got enough - so we try and get more and more hoping that one day we'll be billionaires and all our problems will be solved. The world is filled with troubled souls and some of them are incredibly wealthy and in and out of re-hab. So if money isn't the answer what is? Well, that's what I'm trying to get across on this site - but it's quite a long story and there are lots of different elements. The main thing though is to aim to be happy. When I was depressed I read a book that asked me if I would rather be happy or right? At the time I thought it was more important to be right but as time went by I realised that being right doesn't matter - especially if it's making you miserable! So the first step is to decide that happiness is important to you - and then you can begin the journey!

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