Happy Christmas?

Well, Christmas is over and tomorrow we are back to work and back to normal, has the festive season left you more - or less - happy? If you look at it logicaly, Christmas is a time of treat foods, which means lots of white flour, sugar, fat and salt which is absolutely not a recipe for happiness. It's also a time to slob out on the sofa and do nothing - except watch a load of trashy TV and drink too much. You also have the opportunity to read boastful round robins about how much better everybody else is doing than you. So all in all, I would have to say that Christmas is a potential happiness disaster! On the other hand it's a time to get together with family - so, yes, another reason that it's a happiness disaster. Fortunately, Christmas comes but once a year and doesn't last long. Spare a thought for "Mr. Christmas" who celebrates Christmas every day, he has roast turkey and sprouts, a glass of sherry, crackers, a video of the Queen's Speech, the whole shebang. What a nightmare! So, my advice would be thank your lucky stars that Christmas isn't every day and get stuck into your New Years Resolutions. Although research out this week indicated that making resolutions can be bad for your happiness.

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