Happiness Evening Classes or Improved Mental Health Care

Action for Happiness have just launched an evening course onhappiness, which sounds like a good idea and is endorsed by the Dalai Lama, but who is it going to help? People already interested in positive psychology might be interested but most of the people who could benefit will dismiss it as a concept without too much thought.

Action for Happiness should be fighting political battles for improved levels of happiness. Priorities should include improving financial security for working people, reducing inequality and improved mental health care. The positive psychology aspects of happiness are great - once you have solved the more pressing problems such as the need for foodbanks and conflict driven immigration.

It feels to me as if we have a public health time bomb as people have trouble coping with the modern world. It's something like the public health problems of the nineteenth century but it's depression and personality disorders in place of cholera and tuberculosis. 

In order to make the most happiness in the world we need to question what are the biggest barriers to happiness, what could we do which will have the greatest impact? Answers on a postcard please...


i want to live a healthy & financial independt female & make other women happy .

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