What makes you happier, beer or kittens?

When I was a younger man I used to drink a lot of beer, but then so did everybody I knew. Well, everybody in the pub at least. And I thought that drinking beer would make me happy. Gradually over the years though it seemed to make me less happy - until one day I realise it was actually making me miserable. it was about this time that I was diagnosed as being depressed and started reading about depression. I also started to read about alcoholism and was shocked to find a graph showing the declining effect of alcohol on happiness over time. When people initially drink alcohol they get euphoric and have alovely time, as your drinking career goes on the euphoria is a liitle less and you need to drink more to get it. Eventually you are drinking just to catch up with yourself, no euphoria just a dismal collection of hangovers... I never got very far down this road, but I've seen people go there and it's not a pretty site. Kittens on the other hand are loveable fluffy things that gamble about in a delightful way, surprising us with their inquisitiveness and playfulness. I've never heard of a kitten hangover, kitten overdose or any going into kitten rehab. Just looking at PICTURES of kittens can cheer you up: http://kittens.sytes.org/ or is that a bit sad???? Kittens however do take a bit of an effort, you need to clean up after them, untangle string and wool after they have played with it, take them to the vets and groom them. Beer is largely effort free - drink it and it will have an effect - and I think that is symptomatic of the modern world, we look for something to fix our problems for us rather than looking for ways to fix our own problems. We are offered easy fixes by adverts, but the real fix takes effort and that is much harder to sell.

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