Housing shortage

OK, this is a little bit off-topic but what the heck. We are apparently in a recession or a downturn or whatever. There is less wealth around and more poverty. What does that really mean? There is not enough stuff, for example, not enough houses. What are houses, what are they made of? Well, to start with you need a plot of land, there is still the same amount of that. The you need bricks, which are made from clay - more ground. I'm sure there is still enough lay to go around. Then you need windows and doors, floors and roofs. Generally, lots of wood, which grows in forests, so that shouldn't suddenly be a problem. Then you need people to make the bricks, chop the trees, build the houses. Unemployment is rising so it should be easy to find people to fill these roles. So what, really, is the problem? Why is there suddenly less wealth, less stuff, around? The ground and the clay and the forests are all owned by people with a lot of stuff. They are the ones who decide whether we are allowed to make houses out of it or whether it should be left as it is. At the moment they think they will lose money by making houses, so house building stops - until such time as they think it will help them get richer.

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