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Happiness has dropped out of the news lately, but it's still fundamentally the only way forwards for modern politics. Whether it's Greece, Charleston or Tunisia, the underlying causes are a lack of government concern for the happiness of the people.

Selfishness is not the answer and what we are seeing is it's ugly fruits.


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What do you mean happiness is the only answer for politics? Surely politics is a very unhappy occupation!

Politicians often look pretty unhappy, sometimes it seems that a smug sneer is the closest they get to happiness. It's a profession all about arguing and that can be very frustrating for people with heartflet beliefs - a clever debater can often outwit them. But politics is currently about rich versus poor, the people who own all the stuff are making the people who own nothing do all the work - and granting them only the bare necessities for doing so.

In making politics all about wealth, the rich look like they are winning, but they are creating a nation which is torn apart by growing inequality between rich and poor and even young and old. By the old rules they are winning, but I don't think you can call it winning if it doesn't make anybody happy. I don't even think it can be winning if a few people are happy. And I am convinced that the few winners of today would be happier in a world with less conflict.

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