Campaign For More Happiness!

Shouldn't governments have our best interests at heart? Shouldn't they be doing everything they can to make everybody happy? We set up a petition at number 10:

To be honest, we didn't get enough signatures to change the world... 21 people is a start, but not a movement! But, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Getting governments to consider happiness as a measurable aim is an achievable end. We aim to make this happen, can you help us?


A happy world needs your help, what can you do to further the cause? Imagine a world where everybody is 10% happier... surely that has to be something worth striving for? It would be a nicer place to live, so it's quite a selfish motivation really. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think.

I actually think you guys have it all wrong with this part. I agree that in the west there is a malaise that all the wealth is not brining happiness. But it is NOT the role of government to make people happy. They should deliver the mail, guard the boarders and keep taxes low. I know my happiness is my responsibility and my existential duty. I think it is sad how people have given over so much responsibility to the government to raise kids etc, when such an institutioin is so unsuited to the task. Cheers.

Happiness is our own individual responsibility, but the government ultimately shapes the society in which we live. You can keep the country running perfectly well in a way that makes everybody miserable - or you can change things and make it easier for people to find happiness. I think it's a question of providing opportunity and switching focus from money to wellbeing. Our personal wealth is also our individual responsibility, but the government has the responsibility to create a helpful economic environment. What exactly is the role of the government - does the UK government have such a thing as a mission statement outlining what they are trying to achieve? Is the the role of a constitution - maybe we should have one of these! The other part of the argument is that happy behaviour tends to be more environmentally sustainable, which is something we all need to think about urgently.

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