Donald j trump can teach the whole world how to handle narcissists

It looks like a complete disaster - someone with narcissistic personality disorder in the white house - but can we use a high profile narcissist such as Donald j Trump to demonstrate to the whole world how the mechanisms of narcissistic manipulation work, and more importantly how to deal with them.

Trump loves the limelight and seems to have the ambition to make the evening news every day. This is easy for him, a casual tweet at 3am can generally do the trick. He picks a fight with a high level opponent, says something crazy and inflammatory and the news outlets lap it up. But the sheer quantity of Information about trump is starting to show patterns of behavior and also the different strategies that his opponents can use against him.

His first enemies have been the Republican nomination candidates, Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama, none of which have had effective strategies and all of whom have lost catastrophically! So anybody out there having problems with a narcissist and not doing too well, take heart, Barak Obama is not doing too well either and he is one of the coolest people on the planet.

Barak thought that humiliating him at the white house dinner would finish him off for good, but it just gave him a reason to get revenge, which is something he enjoys. Trump doesn't really mind being insulted because he knows the insults are untrue, he is the best, the greatest. His revenge will be the undoing of all the good work Obama has done whilst in office. Anything dear to Baraks heart will be top of Trump's list for trashing.

Hilary Clinton too was a strong and capable politician but she has also been humiliated by Trump. I was very moved by the Republican candidate who tearfully gave up his candidacy because he could not fight the strategies of somebody with narcissistic personality disorder.

I would love right now to tell you exactly what you need to do to get the better of somebody with narcissistic personality disorder but I can't. It is a very sad condition that sets people against one another and wrecks relationships. But what we are engaging in with the Trump presidency is a worldwide experiment to find a strategy that will defeat him. I don't have the answers, but maybe the Chinese government will have some ideas, or maybe Obama will fight back once he is no longer in office. Or maybe some guy in Idaho will show us the way. With enough interactions and enough people being made aware of what is happening we have a lot of opportunities for something to work.

Narcissist's have too much power in the world, personified and underlined by Trump's success. Whatever happens next, it will be played out on the front pages and news headlines and maybe it will help us all to understand how narcissists operate and help us to take control of the world back from them. Because let's face it, they really aren't doing a great job of running things, let's hope we find the answers before world war three breaks out.

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