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Income envy 'makes you ill'

More news on the BBC relating to happiness. It's not how much you have that counts, it's your attitude towards what you have. We have monkey brains which are set up for a completely different world, no wonder we are all in such a mess!

Survival of the Happiest

It's the 20th anniversary of the birth of Darwin so there is a lot of talk about "The Genius of Evolution" at the moment. Evolution has changed the way we see ourselves and the world. Since Darwin's time we have moved from being divine souls at the center of a world created by God solely for our amusement, to being monkeys on an insignificant rock in an unremarkable galaxy which itself is no more than an insignificant speck in an infinite universe.


Dougal says to Father Ted "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" and Father Ted says melodramatically, "PPprrractice!" and Dougal says, "No, seriously though, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?". It's probably funnier if you watch them do it, it's probably on youtube.

How to be Miserable

It can get really sickening sometimes writing about happiness, you can see it in the author photos on the backs of some happiness books, the fixed smile is really starting to hurt. You can hear them thinking, "Can't I just be pissed off for one day???" Well, maybe you need the antidote:

We don't claim to have all the answers, so if you know of a better way to be miserable - or to make large numbers of people miserable, drop us a line

Celebrity Biographies - Redemption Through Success

I've just finished reading Russel Brands Booky Wook and it's made me think about redemption. Basically the standard story is this, mixed with the wrong crowd, did a lot of drugs/crime/booze then finally find redemption through success fame and wealth. Basically, society says, it's OK to go through these kind of things as long as you come out the other side with a book deal and a big house in Berkshire.

Happy Christmas?

Well, Christmas is over and tomorrow we are back to work and back to normal, has the festive season left you more - or less - happy? If you look at it logicaly, Christmas is a time of treat foods, which means lots of white flour, sugar, fat and salt which is absolutely not a recipe for happiness. It's also a time to slob out on the sofa and do nothing - except watch a load of trashy TV and drink too much. You also have the opportunity to read boastful round robins about how much better everybody else is doing than you.

Dog Happiness

_45242539_226artist.jpgJust read a report about a luxury home for dogs: and it made me think about what really makes dogs happy - and that's a loving companion and a nice walk. Dogs are never happier than when they are about to go out for a walk.

Running and Happiness

One of the best things I've ever done was to take up running and like a lot of things in my life it was a complete accident. My wife Lena volunteered to run the London 10k in March and I said that I would train with her to keep her company, but I wasn't sure I would be able to finish the 10k and places were scarce, so I was just a training partner. She was running for, a charity dedicated to helping sufferers of cluster headaches, which includes her Father, my Father in law.

Housing shortage

OK, this is a little bit off-topic but what the heck. We are apparently in a recession or a downturn or whatever. There is less wealth around and more poverty. What does that really mean? There is not enough stuff, for example, not enough houses.

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