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We can't all be billionaires - but we can all be happy

 The banking crisis was caused by people using the money trick - see the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressel - to funnel cash from the poor to the rich. They pushed all the money into dividends and bonuses before busting the banks and demanding government bail-outs.

They mistakenly believe that huge wealth can somehow make them special cases and immune from unhappiness. Money can do so much for them, surely it can do thisd too. Sadly for all of us, they find that they are wrong too late to fix the damage they have caused.

Feast or Famine

We live in a very strange world where some people are obese while others are struggling to find food and neither state is a particularly happy one. 

In the same way, some people are incredibly wealthy while some are incredibly poor. Again, neither situation is conducive to happiness. The rich are riddled with problems, drug addiction, alcoholism and plastic surgery aren't symptoms of a happy or meaningful life. But then neither are alcoholism, repeat offending or benefit fraud. Notice we get alcoholism in both states.

Happiness Lessons

 Listening to the today programme on radio 4 this morning I heard a story about how we should test  kids in PE to make sure they are getting fitter. And I thought, well, hey, why not teach them about what makes people happy - and then test how happy they are - and then see if we can make them happier.

Which is either crazy, or a brilliant idea which will happen pretty soon! Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

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